Sunday, December 6, 2009


So Tuesday night I was just really stressed out about school and basketball and everything else in my life. I litterally had a mental break down at 11:15 and just cried for 20 minutes. I remembered that in Young Womens we recieved a poem called "The Race" and I got that out and read it and its about a boy running a race and falling and and each time he heard "get up and win the race" from his father. Finally after falling 3 times and coming in about last he recieved the greatest applause from the crowd due to the fact that he didn't give up and kept going. This made me feel a little bit better but I decided what I really needed to do was pray. So I prayed to Heavenly Father asking him for comfort, the ability to find peace, and most of all to stay awake in seminary because I was extremely exhausted. After I finished praying I was calmed down enough to go to bed. Wednesday morning during seminary we were discussing Mosiah 26 I believe it was and how God answers prays when you need them most and I felt that was directed straight at me. It was exactly what I needed to hear after my late night. So don't be afraid to ask Heavenly Father for things because he is always there and ready to bless you with what you need to get up and "win the race."