Sunday, October 25, 2009

Didn't See That Coming

So this past Thursday night I was in helping decorate the varsity football locker room like I do every week and I was talking to the mom in charge about Matt (my brother). We were talking about him coming home and I said he wasn't coming home till Christmas and then after May he would be gone for two years. The mom was like "Wait, why?" I simply responded well we are Mormon and he is going to serve a mission. And she asked where he would be going and I said we don't know until he puts in his mission papers closer to his 19th birthday. She then proceeded to tell me how her brother-in-law's kids are Mormon and how his son went on a mission to Finland and got married in the Houston Temple. Then she said how her brother-in-law was upset that he couldn't go to the wedding and she just simply said that she told him that he just has to respect it. I just thought it was neat how she respected our beliefs that you can't go into the temple with out being a member and she didn't judge. So it's always interesting to see how random conversations about religion can come up anywhere even when you least expect them.

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