Monday, October 5, 2009

My Adventure On The Way To Seminary

Well this past week I had an adventure on the way to seminary. So basically I turned a corner to sharply and end ended up running over a median and knocking my hub cap off my car (which is still off if you were wondering). I went to pick up Gavin like I do every morning and I got out of my car to check to see if anything happened. At this point I didn't know my hub cap was gone. To my horror my front left hub cap was gone. I literally started freaking out and Gavin can testify to that. So we went back to the spot of my "accident". Luckily my hub cap was still all in one piece. Now it was decision time...Should I call my father and tell him what happened right then or wait till later that night and tell him when he got home from work. I chose to call then and to my surprise he wasn't upset with me. I was totally shocked! Who would have thought?!? Later that night he even told me he was glad that I called right away and didn't wait because chances are I would have gotten in a lot more trouble if I would have waited.
Now how does this apply to the gospel? Let me make a parallel for you. Many people when they commit a sin become frightened of the consequences and sometimes feel unworthy to pray to their Heavenly Father. However, no matter how big the sin is, Heavenly Father will always be there to listen to you and through Christ, his son, you can repent. Heavenly Father will be glad to hear from you and know that you realize what you did is wrong and want to repent of it. He will welcome you back with open arms like my earthly father did when I told him what I did.

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