Sunday, November 8, 2009

Many Missionary Moments

I had two great missionary moments over the past week. The first was on Halloween while i was hanging out with two friends. I was informed that it kinda sounds like a joke when you have a Mormon, a Baptist, and a Catholic discussing religion in a hot tub. Yes this really did happen I'm not messing with you I promise. haha. well I'm not sure how the topic of religion came up but it was over an hour long conversation. I shared with my friends how we got the Book of Mormon, the Plan of Salvation, Temple Marriages, Baptisms for the dead, and a few other gospel topics. They were rather open to it even though I wasn't trying to convert them. It was interesting to see how similar some of our beliefs were and then how different they were. And then my next experience was with two different friends one who happened to be baptist and the other who happened to be catholic. We were suppose to be working on our physics cannon but I just let it go as I figured a religious conversation was a good way to procrastinate. This one started off with questions on why I didn't drink alcohol, tea, or coffee. I began with the explanation of the Word of Wisdom and how it was given by revelation and how since then we've found out that tobacco, alcohol, ect was bad for the body. I then asked them if they believed that in the Old Testament God talked to people and they said yes and so of course they agreed in the New Testament too. Then I was like why would Heavenly Father stop talking to people now a days when the world is worse off. They agreed that you can receive personal revelation but weren't to sure about one person aka The Prophet could receive revelation for a whole group of people. They didn't shoot the idea down though. We continued and got on the different subjects that you get on when having religious conversation. It was a rather good conversation.
I then found it kinda funny that today's topic in church was on missionary work. If made me feel great that I was trying to expand peoples knowledge of the gospel. It always strengthens my testimony of the fullness and the truthfulness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I share my testimony with others. Its a great feeling and I encourage every member to do so as well.

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